How to remove the Facebook Poker Virus

There's no more scary than logging into the Facebook account and start redirected to an alternative website. If you have unquestionably Zynga Poker app on Facebook, odds are your account has suffered the Facebook poker virus. Learn about how herpes virus works and the way you will get rid of it.
The Facebook poker virus, contrary to popular opinion, is just not typically contracted by playing the app itself. The most common supply of the herpes virus is thru Facebook account phishing.
Phishing may occur in a number of different ways. Many sites will trick users into going for their Facebook account information, such as emails and passwords. These sites might offer Facebook login areas that are not legitimate, or some may look the same as Facebook itself.


Other times, downloading harmful software in your computer can harvest passwords as you unwittingly join.
After the site has received your email information, users will receive a contact from 'Facebook" telling them that their password has been changed. Once this email is opened, malicious software is set up on the machine and the user is going to be redirected to several different websites once they try to log into Facebook to access their accounts.
Before you can access your money on your desktop, you should first disinfect it. One of the most common methods to clean your pc would be to operate a free anti-malware software.
ComboFix: ComboFix normally takes care of those hard-to-remove programs, especially rogue antivirus software such as Antivirus System Pro. This program will scan your personal computer in safe mode and look for almost any infected files and malware which may be plaguing your PC. Once those are normally found, it will delete or neutralize any problems.
MalwareBytes: MalwareBytes is another free tool which can help rid your PC here of problems. Similar to ComboFix, MalwareBytes scans your pc in safe mode to discover potential threats. MalwareBytes will delete the viruses plus the infected files. Users might have to run this tool more than once to recognize all threats.
Facebook's Help Center recommends changing the password on your at the earliest opportunity in order to avoid more difficulties for you or your friends. However, if you haven't gotten the chance run the antivirus scan and must signing in quickly, you ought to get gone the redirect problem.
Step 1: Open your Windows Explorer folder and navigate to 'C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc." Open the 'Hosts" file and delete any instances of strings containing the word 'Facebook." Save the file by selecting 'File," 'Save."
Although using this method might not exactly work 100 percent almost daily, it truely does work in most cases to prevent website redirects. Note that this can not solve malware problems on the computer.
Preventing your PC from harm can be your best defense against the Facebook poker virus. While having antivirus software set up on your PC will help, don't count on it to catch everything. Facebook says they'll not send password reset emails minus the user first requesting one, so don't open a password reset email if you do not specifically requested it.
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